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So now that you have just gone out and on a whim bought a new or used sailboat because it looked to be fun and enticing you find that there a number of attributes about it that you do not understand. You are asking yourself such questions as 'how it is that the wind can be blowing from over the front of the boat and yet you are moving forward??' or 'Why is it that when I push the tiller in one direction, the boat goes in the opposite direction and yet why when I turn the wheel, the boat goes the same direction just like when I am driving my car??'

There is a lot of Science and science based applications involved in making your new boat move forward especially when the wind is coming from in front of you.

The portholes to the websites below will hopefully provide you with some answers to these as well as many other questions.

Portholes to Science and Space
U.S. Government Science Agencies, Laboratories & Organizations U.S. Space Centers
Los Alamos National Laboratory Goddard Space Flight Center
National Science Foundation Johnson Space Flight Center - Houston, Texas
NASA Science Marshall Space Flight Center - Huntsville, Alabama
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Vandenberg - Vandenberg Air Force Base California
Sandia National Laboratory Wallops Flight Facility - Wallops Island, Virginia
U.S. Geological Survey  
Australasian Science - Science information from leading Australian and New Zealand Scientists

Marine Hydrodynamics - MIT OpenCourse -

A chance to learn something about how your boat moves through the water

SPACE ON THE INTERNET SCIENCE ON THE INTERNET - Foremost on the internet LiveScience - Good public science articles