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TIDES and Tidal Conditions

The words "tide", "tides" and even "tidal conditions" are basic generic terms which are used to describe the alternating rise and fall in water level that occurs with respect to the land. This rise and fall is produced by the gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun. Tides occur in the ocean bodies of water but are also present in the larger lakes of the world. Geologically, tides also occur within the solid crust of the earth, acted upon by these same gravitational forces of the moon and sun. Tides have even been seen to occur on the moons of other planets.

In the portholes below, you can find further information on tides and tidal conditions and how you are or can be affected by tidal changes.

low tide

Portholes to Tides and Tidal Information
Moon Tides - A good site for explaning the influence of the moon and sun on tides. Tides and Currents - NOAA Tide Predictions - a new web-based tool that provides official U.S. tide predictions for nearly 3000 locations along with a powerful array of new features
Saltwater Tides - Tide, moon, and sun predictions for the Gulf Coast, US East Coast and US West Coast.

Tides Winds & Weather - Information for the Florida marine area.

  WXTide32 - a free Windows tide and current prediction program. Good color graphics.
Resources for State Tides
Alabama - 8 Tidal Stations New Jersey - Tide Stations
California - 200 Tidal Stations New York - Tide Stations
Connecticut - 40 Tide Stations North Carolina Tide Stations
Delaware Tide Locations Oregan - Tide Stations

Florida Tide Stations

Potomac River - Tide Stations
Georgia Tidal Stations Rhode Island - Tide Stations
Louisana Tidal Stations South Carolina - Tide Stations
Maine and New Hampshire Tidal Stations Texas - Tide Stations

Maryland - Department of Natural Resources Tide Finder

Virginia - Tide Stations
Massachusetts - Tide Stations Washington - Tide Stations
Mississippi - Tide Stations